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Soil Stablization, Efficient & Effective

The future of Soil Stabilization is brighter than ever. Many cities, counties, and states have fewer resources, and fewer dollars to support and maintain deterioration roadway infrastructure. That’s where this new engineering technology developed some 50 years ago can make a profound contribution to build and improve roadways at a fraction on the cost using existing material. One item holding this technology back is the unique engineer expertise required to effectively analyze existing soil and define a Mix design that is capable of meeting your demands. We have gained that expertise over the past 30 years and would like the opportunity to help you build your cost effective modern roadways.


We are seeing high profile engineering construction projects that require world class engineering companies and subcontractors that have a strong track record of proven experience in soil stabilization and in getting jobs done effectively and efficiently.


Solid Ground has experience designing and monitoring the soil stabilization aspects of a multitude of projects over the past 30 years, including current multi-billion US dollar construction projects. The Principals of our corporation through our sister company HSI Engineering has been awarded the design and quality control contracts, and construction contracts including: a Billion US Dollar BART expansion project, and a Billion US Dollar Oakland California Airport renovation. The Oakland Airport renovation significant soil stabilization for effectively allowing a Boeing 747 Commercial Jetliner to land within a larger proximity of any given runway. Solid Ground has also won a stabilization contract for a 168 million US Dollar California highway 4 expansion project. Our current work and recognized leadership in soil stabilization is based on our long history of successful projects.

Solid Ground Stabilization has extensive consulting expertise and proven experience in soil stabilization. This experience includes design and quality control experience to help ensure your objectives are achieved. This work may include our expertise in technical assistance for routine specification, control procedures, periodic maintenance, and road rehabilitation, reworking road surfaces, and road stabilization. Each segment requiring soil stabilization is different, that's where our dedicated engineering team with an excess of 50 years of experience in American soil stabilization can help ensure the project success.

Solid Ground Stabilization has been doing next generation soil stabilization projects that have already been proven to be successful. These projects are more competitive and economical in terms of cost, strength, diversity, life expectancy, and general performances as compared to usual alternatives such as asphalt pavement or concrete work. Much of our past work includes an environmental sustainable property not only because it is typically the right thing to do, but also because these new approaches are more economical and effective. We take pride in world class engineering designs that use readily available materials, minimizing costs, and engineering effective modern roadways, we undertake in-place pavement recycling and reclamation asphalt grinding,

Our engineering involvement has typically increased the efficiency and effectiveness of projects. We have been able to effectively combine well-known and traditional methods of road rehabilitation and reconstruction with new concepts, and have been recognized as leaders in the soil stabilization field.

Kenneth R. Graham, President